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Recently opening September fifth, Here’s Looking at You by Quinn is the exhibit at Montara Bridge Works through October. The second floor, shown above, contains Quinn’s earlier works, some from when the elusive corvid was still an egg.

The ground floor of the gallery exhibits more recent photos from his travels.

Quinn is the owner of the 512 parcel in Quentin where Wanderlust Bench Art Park is located. He generously offered it during an experiment with a premium account in March 2016 and the space is still thriving. Many of these pieces have been exhibited there one at a time.

He moved his birdhouse to Wanderlust some months after the park and Saul Goodie’s adjacent Wanderlust Cafe opened. The birdhouse is currently showing art by serra Qendra.  

Quinn has also experimented with black and white photography.

He wanted the exhibit to be titled “Here’s Looking at You, Roadkill”, which is the title of one of the works. As curator, I vetoed the idea since it doesn’t reflect the whole body of work.

Quinn participated at Art Farm, an LEA sim in the latter half of 2015.