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Mystic Academy at Free Spirit Farms is presenting The Gaia Festival 2017 today and tomorrow.

“The Gaia Festival is a celebration of Gaia’s rich diversity with workshops, live performances, artistic exhibits and events with collaborations from across SL.”


Please note that the sim is Adult Rated. An official poster was provided with the notice but I prefer to take my own snapshots.

There is art, of course.

“Friday 1st September

2pm : Opening Invocation to Event : Dragon Flow
230 – 330pm : Mindfulness – Ewan & Starlight (WBH)
330 – 430pm : Human Design : Disha Moo
430-500pm : Natural Detox Story and Talk : Renee Panthar
500-530pm : Epic Twin Flame Story and Talk : Darksnow Petrovic: & Kat ZenKoji
530-630pm : Art Therapy : Venus and Dragon Flow
630-730pm : Soundscapes Live Music Event: Rod Eiland
730-830pm : Campsite Fire , Reading and Storytelling
830pm onwards: Overnight stay in tents (free for all).”

I happened to learn of this event because I joined the Mystic Academy group with the intention of attending some of the machinima workshops, which I haven’t been able to yet.

“Saturday 2nd September

1130-1230pm : Earth Oracle Readings by Request: Venus Flow (Mystic Academy)
1230-130pm : Taking Back Our Planet The Permaculture Way: Namaara and Fate (Etopia EcoVillage)
5-7pm : Party – Psychedelic Rock and Indie- DJ Toby
7-830pm : Psy-Trance and Gaia Tribal Music , Dancers and Particle show- Gaia Team
830pm Close and Send off.”

I’ve noticed Mystic Academy builds at several of the Burn2 events. Some of the workshops and activities at this festival are of the sort, dear to the heart of my physical alt; she’s going to make sure I attend.  Usually I’m up to other things in Second Life and leave activism to her.

More credits from the invitation notecard:

“With thanks to:

Gaia Workshop Facilitators:

Ewan Bonham & Starlight
Disha Moo
Renee Panthar
Namaara MacMoragh
Fate Paule
Darksnow Petrovic & Kat ZenKoji

Gaia Festival Alliance:

Mystic Academy
Free Spirit Farms
Whole Brain Health
Etopia Ecovillage


Gaia Festival Artists & Performers:

Rod Eiland
Consuela Hypathia Caldwell
Elle Thorkveld
Helena Kiame
Hikum Dokonpa
Venus & Dragon Flow

Gaia Festival Directors:
Dragon and Venus Flow