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In Oculea on The Atoll, just off Route 1, is a 1024 sq m parcel called Naturum, Oculea Nature Refuge.

From the land description: “Hobos, discarded robots, establishment throwaways, counter-culture insurgents, guerrillas and subversives are all welcome.”

There’s more foliage here than many of the drier, decayed places in the neighborhood so the textures might take a little longer to load.

There are some very basic hobo amenities in the shack. Also available, information on Timothy Leary and Paganism.

If you don’t feel like learning anything, you can go outside and check the garden and listen to the birds.

There’s a radio tower.

A low treehouse holds some bright and cheery decor for the wandering avatar who wants to rest.

The grass is getting high. There are no goats that I could see but a chicken that’s managed to avoid ending up on the grill and also a shy peacock.

An inviting parcel by Evola Courtois which has been here a while.