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Open through August 31st, Dusty Prims at LEA 6 exhibits a collection of creations by Dusty Canning.

“Mesh is Amazing . . . but I’m just an old time Prim builder !
I love to build ‘stuff’ and LEA6 contains a collection of many of the things I have created over the years . . I hope you enjoy it”–Dusty Canning

One of my favorite creations, although I don’t have a photo of it, is the diorama which is near the landing. It is of a place called called Black Stump and I found the history of it interesting. Much of the diorama is micro-prim work and there are resources on a notecard regarding creating with them.

“I would like to encourage any builders who wish to try micro or tiny prim building to get in and give it a go. This detailed diorama took me several long weeks to build and I enjoyed every moment of it. I still spend time watching my trains and planes and have never got bored with it.”

There is much to look at. I learned that many of the creations had been exhibited at UWA. I enjoyed my visit there with friends and spent most of my time socializing instead of taking scholarly notes, not that I ever do.

Dusty Canning obviously appreciates the work of Van Gogh and there is a huge collection of his work as well as the art of some others.

On the northeast side of the sim, is an exhibit by Whiskey Monday at the Tate-Canning Gallery which I’ll post about tomorrow.