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Open through August 31st, One Tree Hill is on the core sim of LEA 7. I first visited months ago and now is the time for a bit of scrambling to share some places closing the end of August.

“Welcome to “One Tree Hill”, a virtual Celebration of the U2 Album “The Joshua Tree” on its 30th anniversary. Take a walk in the desert and discover how the words and music from this album are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago.”

“Why that album? When it was released, there was a republican in his 70’s in The White House and a conservative woman leading Britain. Both countries were engaged in conflicts across the globe, and both were struggling with economics at home. Coal and the men that made their living mining it had become a substantial issue. As the album turns 30, does any of this sound familiar today?”

Karma Avedon, the creator, states in the info notecard that the sim is not meant to be political but the…”goal with this project was to try and take you on a virtual tour inside an album of songs. What does a song look like if you could step inside it and walk around? That was the question that inspired this project, and I felt the amazing songs from this particular album where as good a place to start as any because the words and the sounds still seem so relevant some 30 years later.”

It’s recommended to use the default windlight and keep sounds and music on. I lightened the exposure on these photos. My initial visit was an immersion into the music. There’s a gallery on the sim that still has an Under Construction barrier up. There are photos and seating inside now and it looks complete to me. Perhaps it’s intended for a closing party, something I’m not likely to be able to attend.  

“One Tree Hill is a fictional place. It is a search for a mythical “American Dream” using the songs in your heart as the map. Wooden signs will help you find various points of interest, but the path is yours to choose. I hope you walk “where the streets have no name” and enjoy the journey!”

The photo above shows one of my favorite scenes at One Tree Hill.

In the welcoming notecard, Karma Avedon also thanks others:  “Thanks to Soda Sullivan, Nodnol Jameson, Zoe Jimenez, Noah Heart and a special thanks to the artist Abbi Quartz. Also thank you to everyone at LEA for guidance and all the artist and musicians who helped bring it all to life.”