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There’s a little over a week left to visit the art park and cafe in Quentin if you haven’t been there in May and June.

The photo above shows work, from left to right, by Mr Kaplan, (Art Park owner), Klaus Bereznyak, Wheedle, Melusina Parkin and Arden Grendel. The retro television in front is by Kimika Ying.

There are sculptures from my Silas Merlin collection scattered about and I got some new seating from Hearth and Home, a shop on the mainland I saw during the Steam Hunt.

Art from left to right is by Mango Lassi, SAUL GOODIE, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Kate Silver.

Every exhibit series has had a timely literary quote on a notecard placed in an image. I did the first few and Klaus has done very well since. The collection is on the back fence at Sojourners Ground. The work on the right is by Cake and a couple of my pieces are on the far left.

Our Second Life locations are transitory. The first set of destination posters we offered was valid for a good while. Recently a new set was created. Click the posters for landmarks; you can also take copies of individual posters plus there is a free box of 18 posters in a folder on the nearby bench.

The photo on the right is by ChrysTeRox.

A new sign reminding people of more art in the birdhouse.

There’s more seating in the birdhouse; all species welcome.

The large pot in the foreground is by Lynette Trinity. There are exhibit posters plus art by Saul, four on the left and a collage by baker Bloch. This is on the Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Extension side as it WAS about a week ago.

Not to be missed is a 3D piece by Art Oluja, a mini Glass Jars, (like her LEA 11 grant sim, open until the end of June) which can be peeked into. There’s also a 2D piece by Savage Taurus, part of which can be seen in the upper left here.

Planning the new construction above.

More people have been moving into the Quentin area lately; the view is changing. Last week SAUL GOODIE changed the Cafe side and I love it. The timing is right.