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Very recently I found a new-to-me parcel called Chandra House, just off Sandgrass Road on the Atoll. I would have passed it by as a private place but for the large welcome sign near the road. There were vehicle rezzers near the entrance; I saw a bike rezzer and near the large home is a dandelion to fly with.

There are numerous areas to hang out all over the parcel which turned out to be much larger than it first appeared. The SLurl reads: “Welcome to Chandra House & Beach 18+ – Naturists welcome, Samia. Moderate”.

The doors of the large house opened as I walked by but I chose to explore the outdoors instead.

I really liked the nature sounds which were different in each area. You can hear the wind in the field where the horses are. The standing ones can be ridden.  I have my own horse I enjoy riding and these were new to me, “R^ Vehicle Wandering Riding Hourse- Bronze”, so I set out to explore further on horseback.

I hadn’t planned on exploring. While sitting at Neumoegen looking at land sales on the map I accidentally teleported into an abandoned field, walked to the road which I idly strolled down while in IMs.

Some of the descriptions change for the different areas, such as:”Welcome – Mature Area 18+ – Nudity Welcome
Respect a Must
Marina Club, Horse Riding, Beaches, & More”.

There are rezzers for sailboats, jet skis and bumper boats.

Taking snapshots from horseback wasn’t easy enough so I dismounted in a grove of falling coconuts. It was still in this area when I was ready to log so I rode it back to the stables.

There are some underwater places.

There’s a large party place.  “Welcome to Club Samia Marina- Adult 18 + Nudity Optional”.

There’s some Private Land, a Wiccan area, which is well marked near this part of the beach.

The Meditation Station is on a separate 480 sq m above the beach. When you press the piece above the portraits, near the top, chants of “Om Namah Siviaya” begin.  Or there’s a radio for Trance/Chill/Ambient music.

The land description here reads: “Through the portals of silence the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you.”