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One of the destinations I’ve enjoyed visiting during the last month is Whimberly. Most of those visits were during the last “under construction” phase. It looked to be an orderly process; subsequent visits showed some changes in select places and there were always pleasant places to sit.

There are two reasons I chose this location to blog about. I liked the photos I snapped; these aren’t processed except for cropping.

Also machinima is allowed, a permission that isn’t necessarily granted like photography in SL.

“Come and explore the spring themed location called ‘Whimberly’.
Enjoy your stay, take lots of pictures, meet friends an above all have fun!
And to all the amazing Vloggers out there: you are allowed to take videos! II would love to see your work ♥”

There are several buildings on the sim, including a bakery in a windmill.

Whimberly is Adult rated.

A friend and I rode our horses around the sim.

I can understand why flying isn’t allowed. Flying to snap pics is easier than manipulating the camera controls for me but there are plenty of great views.

It’s a beautiful destination. Even with the high traffic, my visits were always peaceful.