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There are two time sensitive things you have the opportunity to enjoy during the week ahead. One is the Wanderlust Art Truck parked in Maryport through the 28th and the other is a Keepsakes Contest with a deadline of June 1st.

The truck is parked at A Little Piece of Art. On the grounds are a cafe, The Pixel Gallery and a club called A Heart Shaped Box.

The Glass Jars Keepsakes Contest is offered by Art Oluja:

“My vision is to keep this *Easy, Fun, and Inspiring* so here are the guidelines:

1. The theme of the contest DOESN’T NEED to reflect the LEA11 Glass Jars exhibit specifically,
but more importantly, its about how you relate to the concepts of DREAMS, MEMORIES, TIME. Be creative, be authentic, have fun. 🙂

2. Your choice of expression, whether its a poem, story, snapshot, scanned artwork, 3d piece (not too big or li heavy please), or other forms of creativity are good!

3. No fb/flickr/whatevs needed. You’re of course welcome to share wherever you like, but the contest will be a non-voting one, focused on inworld appreciation of creative expression.

4. Winning Pieces will be selected by Art Oluja, based on a range of criteria, with just one being the overall technical skill/quality of the finished piece. However, authenticity and reflective perspectives, openly expressive pieces will go far in the “judging” process.

5. Please send a copy of your work to Artistik Oluja, the object must start with the title GJ KEEPSAKES, so that it doesnt get lost. DEADLINE IS JUNE 1st! The pieces and works will be displayed at LEA 11, Glass Jars until the end of the lea round (June 30)

and Finally! Several cash prizes to go out to the winners,
1000L to favourite piece, and 500L to five more winners for surprise categories.
Think of this contest not as one to win over the votes, but as a prompt to create something you would personally want to take away from the experience.. as a keepsake!”

While you’re checking out the Art Truck and exploring the parcel, you can click on one (or more) of the squares on the profile pic display board in the club.

The Wanderlust Art Truck is an enjoyable project by myself and Klaus Bereznyak. We show art from contributors and from our collections of ourselves and those of our hosts; it’s different each time. Sometimes there’s an opening party, sometimes not.

I have documented  the Truck at each location and uploaded them to vimeo. They aren’t organized in a collection but here is the machinima from the last location at Jiminy.

A good portion of the fun for us is the filming of the travelling scenes by road, water and air. Above is shown a photo from our journey to Toshimora Observatory.

We began the project in February at my home in Rosieri (where I accidentally returned everything that was rezzed) and the truck has visited Sojourners Grove, Elle’s Art Lot, Trilby’s Moors, Toshimora Observatory and Cricket’s Comfort. The Truck, or sometimes just the container of art, is usually at a location for about two weeks.

Notecards for the Glass Jars Keepsakes Contest can be picked up inworld from the posters at A Little Piece of Art and Glass Jars, LEA 11.