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Seraphim Placebo, curator

Recently I returned to one of my favorite galleries in Second Life, the Placebo Gallery in Jormundgandr. The curator was on the premises, having just acquired two more pieces.

The gallery has always held an excellently curated personal collection of art for as long as I’ve known of it. Located close to Circuit La Corse, it has been expanded and updated during the last six months or so.

To the right of the landing, in an enclosed courtyard, are the welcoming home and gardens of the curator. There are many amenities which are also a wonderful collection of pixel creativity. Digital pieces by the human behind the avatar are displayed in this area.

The great eye for design is evident everywhere. I wanted to linger even longer but also intended to do this blog post in a timely manner.

More art is displayed inside the home along with quirky, wonderful objects.

In the first display room of the gallery is a photographic exhibition by ReadMeri.  Her photographs, usually seen online, look great on gallery walls.

I kept meaning to count the number of floors, maybe seven, but kept getting distracted.

I like there to be plenty of seating in galleries, especially one this huge, for when my avatar has to park for a few minutes.

It’s interesting how the floors and rooms are configured. There are works from years past plus very recent pieces I’ve seen around our world.  And I always like to see an avatar supporting the arts in SL and taking an interest in what others do.

For an interesting and well-documented history of the gallery, see this post.

I looked out one of the windows on an upper floor and could see one of the huge buildings nearby.  In years past, after visiting the gallery I would hop on a pod and tour the area, looking at changes. It has been more populated of late and seems to attract vampire clans although I haven’t had time to explore more closely.

And up on the rooftop—more stuff to look at.