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Earlier this year I looked forward to the Draftsman event; I had been anticipating the one that was to be Victorian themed. That was back in January, I believe. Recently I made time to check it out again.

I learned it is now a monthly event, opening on the 20th of each month and closing on the 15th of the following one.  And instead of being called An Architectural Event, I see Home Decor, Garden & Architecture in the SLurl.

Shown above is a glimpse of the inside of the Palace Movie Theater by Kraftwerk. I’d first seen a copy of this building near the landing of The Last Forever.

This round, I found it easier to get around. At the landing you can choose to walk past some buildings, etc to the center area which holds the decor and garden vendors or you can teleport to the center.

There are fewer buildings. Some are alongside the walk to the center; the others are on a demo platform in the sky. Shown above is the inside of Unit 254A skybox by Thistle Homes.

On the demo platform is the Steampunk Floating House by Pillows. The top photo of this post shows a detail on the roof of the tiny build.

Draftsman is connected to the Builders Box quarterly subscription.  I first heard about Builders Box in my Schultz Brothers group; I appreciate the masterful work of Jogi Schultz.

My Second Life is full of diverse interests; it’s mostly a consciousness lab for me. Shopping and events are only a small fraction of it. But I subscribed to Builders Box soon after reading about it and after seeing only two teasers. There were ten builds in the box which was delivered on May 5th and I am delighted and impressed by the value. There were only two that I consider just OK and about six of them I really like.

This is a personal blog, not a sponsored shopping blog, so more detailed info will have to be researched elsewhere.  Not much has been on my radar about this at all.

I own several different mainland parcels, none larger than 1024 sq m.  Some of the buildings are a bit large and high Li for those but often I fill spaces with just art and minimal decor.  I am very much looking forward to using most of these buildings and the whole experience has been enjoyable for me.  I consider it very well worth the lindens.