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Along the roadside in Hooper, on the continent of Sansara, Tristizias Garden has a bakery cart and seating that first drew me in to the property as welcoming to visitors.

A path beckoned me up the steep hill. To the left of the Tristizias Garden parcel is land called Tristizias Home. Seeing a closed gate at the bottom of the hill and another at the top, I didn’t enter.  There was a cute critter that kept popping it’s head out of the trash can at the bottom of this property.

The grounds are very well cared for, with lots of spring flowers and wildflowers.

It isn’t overly manicured; there’s a sense of wildness and established naturalness to the land.

There’s seating around the rock pool as well as at the very top of the hill.

I hadn’t been by this parcel for several months. I’m guessing it’s been there for a while but seemed more private without the bakery cart.

To me, this whole parcel looks especially well put together.

The sunroom of the house and the small greenhouse next to it, look really good next to the garden parcel.