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Recently I made time to enjoy visiting Niamh’s Journey of Dreams with a friend. The installation is a collaboration between CeaKay Ballyhoo and Cybele Moon.

There’s information at the landing, including windlight recommendations. I chose region settings on the Lab viewer and we set out on the path. The landscape is a 3 dimensional watercolor by CeaKay Ballyhoo inspired by the photography and a story by Cybele Moon 

The storyboards show a photo which inspired the landscape near it. You can click on it to get a notecard for easier reading. They are numbered, up to 23.

There are several portals to click on during the journey through the installation.

I was intrigued by the texture of the water and delighted to find that the bluebells could be purchased from a little shop at the end of the journey.

I enjoyed the views in every direction with the light settings on the Lab viewer. The planning for all the segments of art to follow the story flowing around the sim is very well done.

For links to other blogs about Niamh’s Journey of Dreams see CeaKay Ballyhoo’s blog.

For Cybele’s wonderful storytelling, see Tales of the Tuatha.

Another personal favorite of the landscaping is this wall with window.

I believe the installation is up through June. It’s a wonderful example of what can be done in virtual worlds.