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Burnal Equinox, Sacred and Profane is open April 28–30. It’s in the destination guide and shown on the Lab viewer log in page. (edit: The builds will remain up after the events through May 7.)

Shown above is Fires of Humanity: Sacred and Profane by Athene Forder.  An excerpt from the info card: “Once you reach the apex consider the concept that humanity holds all of the sacred and profane in balance, not only within oneself, but between each other…all equal and all different…and all important.”

by Slatan Dryke

The Sacred, Profaned by iSky Silverweb.  An excerpt from the info card: “Throughout human history, we’ve seen over and over again, individuals who claimed to know some great wisdom, some secret, an answer for an unanswerable question. ”

by tomm pye

by Theadreem

Near the landing are greeters, information, schedule of events and gifts. There were a few afk avatars at the landing this afternoon (SLT) and I experienced lag issues but practiced patience and found it to be worth it.