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Melusina Parkin has two current photo exhibits. Recently opening, American Icons displays 29 images of close-ups of Americana symbols in Second Life. The exhibit is located in the Marfa Contemporary gallery shown on the right in the above photo. The landing point for The Last Forever sim is across the street, shown in the right of the photo.

The Last Forever is a new sim/full region inspired by Marfa, TX. It’s an excellent location for Melusina’s photos.Information about the exhibit and the artist bio is available near the entrance.World of Details opened about three weeks ago at Delmonico’s Art Space in Time Portal. The photos are representative of the era.Delmonico’s is described as “New York’s finest restaurant, in its golden age; the 1930s.
Come over for a drink, dance, chat and the best steak in SL.
Wonderful music.”