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Slumberland is a set of fourteen sculptures from The Silas Gallery. They are currently available from a Gacha at The Chapter Four through April 20th. Shown above is Dreamer.

Hare (03)

The Slumberland Gacha at The Chapter Four is located in the room on the left; the machine is the fourth one on the left. Some time after the 20th, the Slumberland set will be available at The Silas Gallery.

Pastel Monster and Mutant Stool

The cute Pastel Monster is holding a dagger behind its back.

The sculptures in the photos above can be seen on the ground level of Elle’s Art Lot through the end of this month. (Reached via teleporter from the TV Room.)


For a fascinating glimpse into the process using 3D modeling software, Silas Merlin filmed Grow Work in Progress.  The eight and a half minute machinima was edited by Glasz DeCuir.


This digital sculpture is based on a painting by artist Alexandr Chernitsky. The original painting can be seen here.

The Adventurer

One of the rare pieces in the set is a large cave.

The Minion

The photo above was taken at La Maison d’ Aneli where Silas Merlin is exhibiting along with four other artists.

The Mentor