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There’s still almost a couple of weeks left to see the work by a variety of artists at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe.

Today also marks the one year anniversary for the park side of Wanderlust.

The sculpture in the foreground is by RMarie Beedit.

Melusina Parkin was gracious in sending me some things when I requested to exhibit some of her work.

Work by Kate Silver, Wheedle and ChrysTeRox shown above.

Kimika Ying contributed the piece on the left. The photo in the middle is by Klaus Bereznyak and contains a quote, one in a series.

Myra Wildmist is exhibiting one of her works using projectors.

From left to right, work by Saul Goodie, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Mango Lassi. Sculpture by Silas Merlin from my collection. 

Photo by Art Oluja (next to the tree) and a black and white photo by Mr Kaplan, the park owner who started this whole thing.

Posters for destinations and exhibits are encouraged and kept up to date. Arden Grendel did the work on the right; her first piece shown at Wanderlust.

A copy of work by Savage Taurus is shown on the Wanderlust Cafe side.

I really like the sculptures by Silas Merlin and have been including more from my collection the last few rounds.

There are vintage prints for Quelques Choses on two levels inside the large birdhouse.

Saul Goodie exhibits some of his graphic designs on the fence.

The Saul Was Here exhibit is in the sky above, March through April, which I posted about here.

A vase by Lynette Trinity sits near the teleport door the the sky exhibit.

The collage in the center is by baker Bloch.

A documentary machinima of the March-April has been uploaded to Vimeo.

I don’t know if we’ll still be here next year but we’ll likely have new work shown for May and June.