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My last ten posts have been about exhibitions; it’s true, art is a very important part of my Second Life.  I still enjoy exploring the mainland and destination sims even though I haven’t had time to blog about them.

For the past couple of weeks or so, a fellow explorer and I have been spending time at Silver Islands. There’s much to see and do on this six sim region by Lola Lionheart.  It’s a sort of wandering break for me. The Old Town, shown above, is my favorite area.

From the land description at The Old Town: “A near forgotten village hidden in the mountains of Silver Island.
Old world, music, entertainment, rentals, community, family, land, vacation, resort, hotel, camping, explore, mermaid, market, scuba, underwater, villa, home, parcel, tier, rent, buy, own.”

There are obviously secure rentals but also plenty of places for visitors to explore.

There’s much to explore underwater too.  There is a website for Silver Islands with detailed information.

Another favorite place is the Palace and Resort. From the land description:

“Silver Islands very own palace made into a resort for vacations and travel.

holiday, sirens, mermaids, scuba, romance, hotel, rooms, rental, villa, full region, live music, restaurant, dining, family.”

The Imports Wine Bar has live music. Information can be found on Silver Islands Facebook.

Group vacations are available too. Again, it is a great place for visitors as well as being residential.

It really gives me a sense of getting away from it all.

Many of the places are open.

Of interest to me is what appears to be a film set, complete with dressing room trailers on the Tonal sim of Silver Islands. It was still under construction when I visited.

The above photo was taken near the Country Club.  Avatars need to sit and chill too.