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The first public exhibit of Cafe Sophistry artworks will be available for viewing through Sunday, April 2nd.

Dystopian Daydreams explores this theme: “The mind always tells itself stories, even in the darkest situations. VR audiences flock to dystopian worlds;  is occupying apocalyptic aftermaths an act of coping, or cleansing and innocence? Do creators enjoy “exploiting decay” for its dynamic beauty?”

On February 12, a workshop was led by Lex Perdide with the assistance of RMarie Beedit during which a discussion took place at The Monkey Temple followed by field trips. You can read about it here. Resource links are provided in the transcript.

A month later, on March 12, the group met again to share and discuss creations inspired by the workshop. The log, links to resources and more in-depth views of the creations can be found here.

Cafe Sophistry began approximately two years ago and workshops have been held several times a year. Art pieces and builds are encouraged but not required for attendance. More information is available on the About page at the Cafe Sophistry blog maintained by Lex Perdide. Lex and RMarie Beedit are contact avatars.

Again, the exhibit is open to the public through April 2nd.