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Pierrot (9)

Le Petite Cirque is a collection of sculptures by the artist knows as Silas Merlin in Second Life. There are 12 pieces, 10 of them shown here.

Elephant (10)

They are available from a gacha at The Chapter Four until March 21. After that, they will be available at The Silas Gallery.

Avaleur de sabre (2)

The gacha for these at The Chapter Four is in the door to the left after you land and walk towards the event. Once inside, the vendor will be the second one to your right.

Roulotte (12

The sculptures can be modified for size.

Saltimbanque (8) and Lune (6)

Some of these can be seen inworld at Wanderlust Bench Art Park until the end of April and a few more are rezzed at Elle’s Art Lot for a few weeks.

Clown (7)

The sculptures exhibit the usual beautiful attention to detail.

Equilibriste (11)

Tambour (1)

Unicycle (3)