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Just opened March first, works of five artists are exhibited on two floors at La Maison d’Aneli, Virtual Holland.  The photo above shows a view of the top floor.


When you land at the Cafe, you’ll find all the seats taken by characters such as the ones above but you can dance. Displayed on the walls of this room are works by Aloisio Congrejo.  art_003

You can teleport in and out of the art.


Walking into the next room, you’ll see art by Tubal Amiot, shown above, and a large installation by Giovanna Cerise. Walking to the back wall, turn around and you’ll find the previously invisible stairs leading to the second floor

The paintings by Tubal Amiot are a great find for art collectors, being excellent pieces plus very affordable. At Mod, no copy, Transfer they also make great gifts. I can see them as a focal point in a room by people who love to decorate and don’t especially want to have a lot of art around. art_002

Art by Patrick Moya is upstairs.


Bright and animated pieces by Chapichapo Delvalle are also very affordably priced. A ramp leads to a better view of pictures on the upper level.

I noticed that I had little trouble with my graphics here which was surprising since I was finding much of Second Life crashy with very slow rezzing just earlier. These photos are cropped and otherwise raw. Your eyes would need a rest at some point but the graphics might not be as challenging as one would think.

Thanks to friend and blogger. Veyot, for showing me this exhibit