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Elle’s Art Lot in Rivulet, Heterocera holds art collections, several on the ground, some in the sky accessed via teleporter.  The Atoll ground texture is enhanced with wildflowers. The water around part of the land has lilies, swans and bamboo contributing to the views and restful feeling to the spaces. The parcel is harmoniously created for the surrounding area as well as expressing Elle Thorkveld’s art and individual taste.           


The TV Room is one of the galleries in the sky showing Elle’s art and was my first learning of the artist Nam June Paik.

Elle Thorkveld is an artist focusing on generative and glitch digital art and music. She enjoys creating SL sculpture, installations and experimental machinima, is a SL and RL photographer and a RL mixed media artist.

Her work focuses on the use of color, novel combinations, movement, randomness & unpredictability.


The Art Collection Gallery is very well curated by her with a sampling of the pieces she’s acquired.

More from her bio: “I started in SL in 2009 and was drawn to inworld photography, joining Elsbeth Writer’s Wandering Photographers of SL. In the past few years I have been working in generative and glitch art & music. I enjoy co-creating with the computer and like the often chaotic and surprising results.”


The Riverboat.


Another gallery has retrospective art on the ground level leading up to this room with two of my favorite pieces.


This light-filled space is near the landing.

InterstellART studio

Studio at InterstellART, Borneo


The above photo shows her exhibit at The Blue Zebra Project at Nimar.

She has a colorful, animated 3D piece at Immaterial, University of Western Australia.

She’s also exhibited at MBK Gallery and Montara Bridge Works.


The Hillside Gallery on Heterocera is a treehouse exhibit. It’s a great starting place for  exploration. It’s just off The High Mountain Road, seen in the left of the photo.


As of this writing, you can hop off the tree house and walk across the land to the tracks where there are interesting places to explore, one seen in the background. There’s a rez zone nearby and a little further down the tracks to the right of what is shown here is a rest stop for travelers.

Elle is also an active participant with Wanderlust Bench Art Park, Quentin and will be hosting the traveling Wanderlust Art Truck at her Art Lot in Rivulet beginning February 26th for about two weeks.