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I’ve visited Bryn Oh’s Hand at Immersiva at least five or six times. I use the Lab Viewer on a low-end laptop with an often poor internet connection. Also I have a serious chronic illness that affects my experience in world. In the past I’ve found Bryn Oh’s sim exhibits to be inaccessible; I simply wasn’t up for dealing with them.


Many of the posts on this blog are about art exhibits. Often the avatars I chat with bring up Bryn Oh’s name and they hold her work in high regard. I’ve listened to them, looked at Flickr photos taken at Immersiva and left the visiting and posting to others.

One of the avatars on my contact list, a lovely sort whom I met at one of Squonk’s exhibits some years ago, is on the list for the sole reason of an offer to help me navigate a Bryn Oh installation should I ever wish.  I felt satisfaction in having a brief exchange with her on one of my visits to this installation as a friend and I explored the apartment building the same time as she.


I found Hand to be a worthwhile experience even with my above mentioned challenges. My first visit was (accidentally) before it officially opened, having seen a photo and link on Flickr. The lack of a crowd helped me ease into looking around.


I needed to accept an “experience”, something I’d not done before. To visit Bryn’s Immersiva, that only needs to be done once. The HUD has shown up again when I’ve returned and disappears when I teleport out.

I did need to turn my graphics up higher to see the particle ball that would teleport me in to the exhibit; I believe I left it on high for these photos. I chose sunset or midday light on the Lab Viewer so I could best see.


The sim isn’t more laggy for me than I’m accustomed to elsewhere. I didn’t click on every single thing but everything I did check out was made by Bryn except for one HPMD bird in the apartment building. I am amazed at all the different media that went into this project. Somehow all the pages of the story arrived in order; I was less interested in the narrative than in the immersion into the world.


I did need help navigating. After falling about 15 times attempting to get into the apartment building I asked a friend to teleport me onto each floor. (Some of them I could manage on my own once in the building.) We had an interesting conversation about accessibility and the rights of artists to create as they wish.hand_005

I enjoyed my subsequent visits and feel I can suggest it as a destination for first time visitors or for those without the recommended set up.  Photos of how the sim is meant to be seen can be found online as well as blog posts in which Bryn Oh has given information to the blogger.

I do believe that of any creations that might still exist of our virtual world hundreds of years from now, Bryn Oh’s art would be among them. It (Hand)  is a little too dark for my personal preference lately; I’m glad I checked it out.

Some doubt as to the future of the Immersiva sim has been expressed; you might want to visit before the end of this month.


Donations can be given. This avatar chose to go out of control playing the gacha machine instead.