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Merry Christmas to you, my readers. Whatever way of reflection and celebration is meaningful to you this time of year, may you be blessed.

We want the same things, right? To live in a peaceful world where we and our loved ones have health and the opportunities to express ourselves and earn a fair living. For those who want respect and appreciation to receive them and for those who want their basic needs met to have them met.


May we be able to look back on yet another tough and often discouraging year and see where some good things did happen and that we did rise to many occasions to give our best.

May the coming year find more people waking up, moving more gracefully and with easier and faster processing than we did. May more become aware how archaic and passe that inflammatory speech, snark, disrespect and violence really is. May more be lifting their bowed heads up from their smart phones, looking around and asking themselves what new and better ways need to be created and how they can contribute.


Thanks to my readers who “like” and comment on my posts and to my lurkers who come forward and give me appreciative feedback inworld.  I enjoy publishing a non-commercial blog celebrating and sharing what some of our creative avatars are doing whether it be in galleries, exhibition sims or in the welcoming and interesting spaces on the mainland.


The photos were taken at The Cruelty of Peace by Lilia Artis at LEA 6 which remains open through the end of this year.