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The Brother’s Tale, an exhibition by Silas Merlin at Pica Pica, is open just a few days through the 27th of this month.


The original purpose for the exhibit was for Silas to experiment and play around.


For best viewing, set Advanced Lighting Model in graphics tab in preferences. I also ticked Atmospheric Shaders in the Lab viewer. With the windlight (Annan Adored’s Dusty) and the terrain textures in pastel medium, the exhibit is quite magical.


Many of the figures are giant versions of characters from The Storybook gacha available at The Silas Gallery, Babbage Square and also in Ville de Coeur.   There are two new sculptures, The Wonder and The Brother’s Tale which will eventually be at the gallery.


Haveit Neox has made a wonderful video filmed at this exhibit, The Brothers Tale: Art by Silas Merlin.

The Wonder

The Wonder

Silas also has work at Vision of Beauty Art Complex and Holly Kai Park.