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The Chair Conservatory, an exhibition on a sky platform in Sedge on the Atoll continent, has been used as a set for a music video.  The chair project grew out of a casual conversation about inventory, collections and creative expression being the right of everyone who so wished.


Simply, chairs from a couple of inventories were rezzed and settings were made to show them. It was amusing and fun to work on.


A Sitting Party had been planned for what turned out to be a difficult week in the U.S. after a harsh and draining season. Some of us carried on.


Avatars were encouraged to wear costumes and snap photos.


A project like this is something almost anyone can do, not requiring a lot of time and hours and hours of learning software.


Some people have lots of lamps. Some collect animals.


Auto return was turned off for a while and avatars rezzed favorite and/or silly chairs.

I made a 4:07 slideshow of the Sitting Party.


The Chair Conservatory is still open with sets changing from time to time. The public are welcome; photography and filming encouraged.