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The 1120 sq m parcel, Art STIM, is located on the side of a sheer hill overlooking the Uli Peninsula on the subcontinent of Sansara Volcanic Sims.


The open cave in a huge boulder, with a view of waterfalls and Mount G’al, is a quiet place to do some work or talk.


A gallery is situated on top of the boulder.


From Second Life Wiki :

“This is the largest of all volcanoes and probably the oldest of all. It lies in Sansara, inside Mahulu sim (but also stretches into nearby sims). Maximum altitude rises to 179 meters, making it higher then many other continents. Its cauldron of liquid lava is large and dangerous. Do not try to enter there, it is deadly. Health drops instantly from 100% to 0%.

The cauldron is asymmetric, with a higher peak on one side, a great spot for photographers. From the other direction, lava is flowing down the cone, creating two rivers of fire, that in the end merge and enters back into the volcano to be reheated.

The volcano is important also from another point of view. This is the central piece of Sansara Volcanic Sims, a Subcontinent with a lot of history. All mountain ranges are formed from the volcanic cone and also this is the central point for the hydrological network (all rivers are formed at the bottom of the volcanic cone and flow to the ocean).”art-stim_004

The discs seen in the photo around the volcano are Skydancers made by Spotlight Promotions. The river and the waterfall area are accessible to the public; there are some banlines about.


The gallery holds a collection of of 2D and animated 2D works from Art Oluja’s Metamorfaces, an LEA sim the second half of 2015.