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We’re pleased with the art on exhibit at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe for November and December. If you’ve not visited since after mid-month November, there have been additions and several artists have rezzed new pieces at the beginning of this month.

After we got the additional prim allowance, which makes a big difference in small parcels such as this, a large birdhouse was added to give more wall and installation space as well as providing a cozy hangout. The birdhouse with its two levels can be accessed via teleporter.

Jade, an animated cylent by Art Oluja, is currently installed here.bench-nov_dec_007

On the Cafe side is Decayed Maps, an exhibit of nine pieces by Klaus Bereznyak. You can click on the info notecard for the story of how the maps came to be.hive-2

Over the Cafe is “Hive Horizon Shownight 12bit (Final)” referring to the club event at which it was first debuted and tested. This one has about 30 textures in it which can be replaced by an owner for their club or event. The hive canvas was made by Emma and the scripting done by Isadora Alaya. There’s a pre-loader in it and I believe it will be available for purchase eventually. I enjoy having it here, especially on midnight setting.setting-up-the-go-devilI invited Kimika Ying to rez a display model of her Babbage Go-Devil which I recently blogged.   wc

We enjoy having avatars visit the park. Some like to chat a bit and others simply to look around. Near the event posters is a chair with info and LM to the Chair Conservatory. A gacha machine with art inside has been added.bench-nov_dec_006

There are three digital pieces by Seraphim Placebo (Chris Attwell) plus an info card with LM to Seri’s Placebo Gallery. I got to see some of the WIP of these pieces on Chris’s blogbench-nov_dec_001

On the park side, left to right, is a note carded quote inside a piece by Klaus Bereznyak, a lovely photo rezzed by Kimika Ying and two Gridism art paintings by [a.e.meth] which are available for purchase.bench-nov_dec_002

Not to be missed is a book titled Trilby’s Frankenstein. I  rezzed my copy which I’d gotten as a party gift on the occasion of Mary Shelley’s 300th birthday on August 30th. The party was given by Trilby Minotaur. The party was fun; I made a 1:15 vimeo of the lab. My friends and I really enjoy the book.  bench-nov_dec_003

Fold screen section by Lynette Trinity, 2D art by Elle Thorkveld and baker Bloch.

bench-nov_dec_004Myra Material Face by Myra Wildmist contains links to converting a photo to “materials” and Myra’s Flickr feed. Photographs by ChryTeTox, Muse and art by Wheedle.bench

The destinations are being updated as posters instead of framed photos.

If you’d like to show your work, please contact Pearl Grey (pearlgrey resident) or Mr Kaplan (quinnleilani resident).