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la-digue-du-braek-3Now open, La Digue du Braek is a beautiful destination for exploring and photography.

“Inspired by La Digue du Braek, a 7km long road near to Dunkerque, flanked by a beach on one side, and heavy industry on the other – a perfect tension between nature and and the machine age.”muppets-island_001The sim is Adult rated. There’s a free to join group for event announcements, likely being held on Wednesdays and Sundays.muppets-island_006The area is wonderfully detailed and is sure to become a favorite with photographers. Part of the scenery, donation jars are scattered about the area and as always are an important part of upkeep and showing appreciation for creative spaces.muppets-island_010The Flickr group can be found herecatThe virtual La Digue du Braek is the creation of Serene Footman and Jade Koltai.muppets-island_014

The industrial areas are as enjoyable as the natural areas for exploring and photography.muppets-island_019

I happened to learn of this new sim when taking a much needed little break which turned into a delightful part of my day.