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ying-6When I made a return visit to Ying Industries a couple of days ago, I found that snow had fallen in New Babbage since my previous visit.

From the land description: “Manufacturer of vehicles, and sundry inventions.
Established in New Babbage Year 4 (2010).”ying-10

This photo was taken while standing on a shed in the Shipping and Receiving Yard. Then I went inside the building as it was quite chilly, passing by the opportunity to deploy a pirate ship on this particular visit.ying-1The space seemed tidier than on my last visit. I was delighted to find boxes of free Martian rocks and sand seamless textures. (I’m enjoying using the textures on faces of the recently acquired Nancy Redgrave Building by Huckleberry Hax.)ying-2The work spaces reflect a safety conscious and industrious shop.ying-3I kept my distance from the various mechanical contraptions scattered about, including up near the ceiling.  ying-5In the center of the ground floor is the main reason for my visit, Kimika Ying’s Babbage Go-Devil sled. I was so intrigued after seeing photos of it on her Flickr feed as she began working on a new version, I asked her to rez a display model at Wanderlust Cafe in Quentin.  The textures are beautiful.

The script is still being worked on as of this writing. Here is a 1:25 minute vimeo of the Go Devil being tested.

Some history on the original 1913 Elbridge Go-Devil.ying-7After looking around the office and the rest of the first floor I climbed the stairs to the second.ying-8I saw a clean and tidy workspace. Someone had kept the fire lit.ying-9

I kept climbing until I was on the roof and took in the views of New Babbage. The air was quite brisk and I promised myself I would return at least once before spring.