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Bufje’s Ephemeral; Never Ending Work in Progress continues to exhibit through the end of this year at LEA 10. On Friday, December 2 at 1:00 p.m. there will be a performance by a musician who was in the Lucio Dalla Band. The stage, which holds a piano and cello, and the event is being arranged by Livio Korobase. The performance is to be a tribute to Lucio Dalla who passed away in 2012 and a selection of his songs have been chosen.lea-10-1

At the Ephemeral landing, you’ll find a great free avatar. I’ve photographed and filmed a friend using this avatar in several projects.


From the land description: “Time to reflect the purpose of my art, to serve longevity or fragility?

Windlight setting and audio stream are fundamental part of installation, please push Play button of viewer.”


The audio stream is indeed an enjoyable and fundamental part. On the LL viewer, which I use, I keep my quality low most of the time and opt for speed, especially with all the lag and challenges I’ve been having lately. Returning recently to take these photos I moved the scale to higher quality and the windlight magically arrived for me, looking differently than what I’d been accustomed to seeing here.


There are cubes where you can pose and you may also dance.


If you haven’t visited since it opened, there have been some changes. “Never ending work in progress.”


In one area, loud purring can be heard.


The deadline to submit applications for the next round at LEA is nearly here and announcements will be made around the 15th of December.