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the-flooded-basement-gallery_001Another one of Earl Dinkin’s eleven galleries, The Flooded Basement Gallery in Lemon is located between the ocean and a road.the-flooded-basement-gallery_002Most of the art displayed here is indeed located in a flooded basement. The pieces are small as are the ones I wrote about in The I Don’t Know Who I Am Gallery.   the-flooded-basement-gallery_003Above the flooded basement is a spacious area with lots of natural light overlooking the sea. There are a few 2D pieces scattered around and a couple of small areas of seating with plinths displaying a series of quatrains written by Earl Dinkin.

“A flower to lift your spirits up.
As bliss orbits the woes.
And in a universe all that stops.
Pushes all that knows.”

the-flooded-basement-gallery_004Much care has been shown in setting up all the galleries and from what I’ve seen in the past most of the prims had been used up. Being on larger parcels of land than many mainland galleries, there are now interesting numbers of extra prims for Earl Dinkin to play with.the-flooded-basement-gallery_005I had teleported to The Flooded Basement Gallery from a profile pick and nearly missed more displays higher up on the strip of land next to the road.