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baroque-dreams_008Baroque Dreams, a 3D art installation by Haveit Neox can be accessed until the end of this month.baroque-dreams_007

It’s lovely art and was also a fashion runway with audience seating for an artistic fashion show featuring designs by Lyrical Bizarre.


There are at least two videos of the event, one by Haveit Neox on vimeo, (7:34) and the other by Zarrakan Productions on YouTube (11:16). Haveit’s machinima is of the fashion show; Zarrakan Productions explores the build at Water Haven and zooms in on the fashion posters displayed on the wall.baroque-dreams_004

The fashion show event was part of a month long celebration of the one year anniversary of The Edge, the fashion division of Kultivate Magazine.


I’d like to see this art piece find a permanent home.


Other 3D art builds by Haveit Neox can be seen at ACC Alpha and The Centaurs’ Hall at Verdigris; the builds for Fantasy Faire are ephemeral.