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yasminia-22After seeing some photos of Yasminia on The World of Yana blog via Scoop.it Second Life Destinations, I sensed a visit might help me take good care of myself after a devastating week. My intuition was right and I had a soothing wander around the farm.yasminia-1The SLurl had worked easily for me. I’ve since been told that the sim wasn’t officially open yet at the time of my visit. The first thing I had noticed was the lack of notecards, social media signs, and greetings in local chat. There wasn’t even anything in the land description and this was all welcome to me.yasminia-2I cautiously began exploring and ran into no banlines or security orb warnings. Peeking through a window, the decor seemed more showcase-like than personal so I had a quick wander inside.yasminia-3I really like the autumn palette of Yasminia. Taking a look at the land group I saw it’s private and consists of 22 avatars. I did a quick search online and found info on a previous Yasminia that was scheduled to close the end of August, one which I recall visiting. That sim had private homes and it was requested that privacy be respected. The dogs didn’t seem to mind my presence here so I peeked into this home as well.

It’s unknown to me whether the homes will be open to the public or not.yasminia-4For information I suggest you check Inara Pey’s blog or visit the lovely homestead yourself.   yasminia-5The island was almost deserted when I was there. I enjoyed the paths, often forking, and the gates, stepping into other spaces.  yasminia-13There was a sense of stability, of the place being well-cared for but not manicured or sterile. I like the appearance of mature nature which isn’t out of control but is harmonious with the use of the land.yasminia-15There are some ruins that are welcoming, not decayed or ominous. I needed the absence of cute that day.

It’s an enjoyable place for photography. My shots which included the sim surround weren’t good but there’s lots to see here and it’s very well done.