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hole-in-inventory_003An exhibit of some pieces from the art collection of Eupalinos Ugajin is open now, located in a dome on the Ouvroir sim. There is a Hole in My Inventory Once More displays arrangements of art by Eupalinos and other artists, some pieces new and some familiar.  hole-in-inventory_001The sea level of the sim houses the Chris Marker Museum. Marker was a French photographer and film director. A blogged tribute to Chris Marker is posted here.

The art exhibition above sea level can be accessed through the portal shown in the left of the photo, which is near the set landing point. hole-in-inventory_004You will arrive in the Hangar. There’s a bar, 2D and 3D art, and a folder of gifts.

hole-in-inventory_006The TaXY is in the object shown in the left of the photo above which was taken at the Altar. Click on things. Sit on things.hole-in-inventory_009I keep my draw distance low most of the time and discovered moving pieces as I walked around the floor outside the Hangar. hole-in-inventory_010It’s unknown how long the exhibit will be open and you might want to visit sooner rather than later. hole-in-inventory_011This photo was taken in the Tube.

Hauling art out of inventory, arranging and sharing the display with others is something almost all of us can do.