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vp-1At Grey Corner in Jeogeot, just off the road, Vertepad Plains. From the land description: “Welcome to Veretpad Plains. You are most welcome to explore. Only request, if spoken to, please reply even a hello and goodbye is good.”vb-2

The land is one of at least two sims in the area called Vertepad Plains. The other, across the road and to the left a little ways, is an adobe build with a Spanish flag and the name “Vertepad Plains, dee’s corner”. (There are also other sims with banlines in the area.) vb-5The walled garden is a peaceful spot.vb-7There are free bows on offer in a nearby building.vb-8I found I’d need a group tag to actually rez an arrow from it.vb-9There are a couple of sculptures in the back, this one a fractal.vb-10

The other is nearby.

There’s also a zen garden near the house, which is private.