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c-4During each of my several visits to Edwardston Station Gallery, different collages have stood out for me. Perhaps they were new but it’s more likely I overlooked them. There’s a lot to see here, years of work. c-1It’s become a gallery I like to go in person to with friends whose intelligent opinions I’ve come to value. On this visit I went with a friend wearing the avatar from Bufje’s Ephemeral at LEA 10.  c-2I’m unable to explain or critique any symbolism or meaning in these collages. Art isn’t about that for me, anyway.  I do recognize that much imagination has gone into these. My approach here is to take in the colors and composition from a distance and then examine the pieces more closely to see what they are made up of.c-3The artist of these works is baker Bloch, whose blog, Sunklands, I’ve been following for years.  My home is within walking distance of his Collagesity in Minoa. edwardston-1The landing point is set. It looks like you’re standing on thin air but all is well. Just walk towards the building and down the stairs to the left.  The newest of these series is on the top floor. Everyone I’ve shown the gallery to finds at least a few pieces they are quite taken with. The collages are for sale and modifiable to fit your spaces.  edwardston-3There’s also some statistical information for those who enjoy that sort of thing. The gallery had previously used all the available prims so I will be watching the space.edwardston-2The collage on the left of the picture was selected for the November/December exhibit at Wanderlust Bench Art Park. It isn’t for sale there; you can get the LM to Edwardston Station Gallery from the poster on the Cafe side as well as from this post.

And do visit the gallery when you can.