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Halloween is almost here. Many avatars on the mainland decorate their places which can be visited by the public. One such place, Another Haunted House, is a castle near the tracks in Leafroller on The Atoll. leafroller-2

There are activities like bobbing for apples and scenes to take photos in your Halloween costumes. I was told the best animations at the dinner table are for couples. You can see how I’m enjoying the conversation from my dinner companion above.leafroller-6When you land on the platform, you can walk to the end and an arrow will show you where to sit to get a menu of options for the tree animations.leafroller-4

From the land description: “Our castle is ready for Halloween. Beware! Ghosts, blood, and a guillotine, with gifts to find and a lovely dinner too. Be sure to try all the animations and TP up to the 2nd and 3rd floors.”leafroller-5

The castle has been through several changes and will likely change again after Halloween.leafroller-1

Another Haunted House was put together by Veyot and Laserskater.