I hope you’ve had an opportunity to visit Da Vinci’s Workshop at Burn2. This year is especially inspiring.  Above is shown the Center Camp.burn2_001

During the week the camping area has been filling up. There was camping equipment provided and many brought their own gear.burn2_005

The photo above is of me ascending to the upper level of the build by Caro Fayray where I picked up the gift of a parachute. The sim can be quite laggy at times but it’s well worth the effort to see.  

The Artist Camp Information page with direct SLurls to the builds can help you return to an area you may wish to see again. burn2_007

My photos can’t do justice to all the colorful, moving objects and the ambiance of Burn2. Above is a view of Da Vinci’s Toy Chest.burn2_010

The Roguery Campburn2_012

Here I’m thinking like Da Vinci in Da Vinci’s Backyard by Veyot and Kim Von Barbarossa.