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Just off Robin Loop on the Atoll is Blynn’s Home in Minoa. The G rated destination shows the humorous side of Halloween and there wasn’t a bloody corpse in sight when I visited.


The land description seems to stay the same year round; the home changes seasonally.

“Welcome to my house- open to everyone – swim, piano, readable books in library, battle picotto, billiards game (2nd floor front porch); click phone by front door for pizza delivery; microwave for popcorn; PG fun only please”


The music stream is haunting and there several places to sit and chat. There are books to click on delivering stories to local chat and animations and activities.minoa-3

Out in the yard is a small army of animated creatures. And inside are many collections of interesting objects.


Blynn Heron also has a couple of gacha resale places across the road, looking in the direction from off this porch. One is right on the road, the other is in a beautiful blue building set back a bit. Be careful going from one to another; there’s a building between them with a security orb set for 3 seconds.minoa-7

Almost every area of the house has something amusing or interesting, even on the roof.