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burn-2_1Opening on Saturday, October 15 at 10:00 a.m. SLT with the Lamplighter Opening Procession, Da Vinci’s Workshop, the theme for Burn2 2016, runs through October 23. The theme sounded challenging and the builders and all involved have made a wonderful, creative place.burn-2_2

Above is shown The Inner Child Camp. There’s a wishing well; you can touch it to wear a wish or you can add a wish.

The architectural elements of the builds look quite at home in the desert. Mixed in with them are rest and hangout areas where you can get coffee, water and whatever you might need for your avatar’s comfort.burn-2_3

The textures change on Da Vinci’s Curiosity by Slatan Dryke.

The Burn2 Event Calendar can be found here.burn-2_4

Da Vinci’s Parachute by Cica Ghost.

About my photography: I use the Lab viewer, don’t derender and usually keep my draw distance really low.burn-2_5

Vitruvian Man by Fran Gustav.

Da Vinci’s Workshop is listed in the destination guide: “……set for October 15-23, echoes the spirit of the High Renaissance with contraptions of wood, canvas and rope gyrating, undulating and vibrating to music around the dusty playa. The festival will be brought to a close after the Burns of Virtruvian Man and Temple.”burn-2_6

Inside the Temple


The balloons for the tour are awesome.


Da Marbles of Da Vinci by Planoman.