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This round at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe is going by quickly.  There’s still a couple of weeks to see this collection by various creatives. Above, left to right, are pieces by Art Oluja, ChrysTeRox and Klaus Bereznyak.  oct-1

The park and cafe are also pleasant places to hang out and watch a sunrise or sunset.

The picture on the left is by Klaus Bereznyak; click on for a notecard with some thoughtful writing. The lighthouse photo is by Kimika Ying.


The photo above from right to left shows work by Elle Thorkveld, Saul Goodie and Quinn. You can see there’s a space for your art.   oct-3

Continuing past Quinn’s picture, from right to left is art by baker Bloch, Wheedle and Muse Beck.


The park also has destination photos with LM’s and info plus pieces by RMarie Beedit, Isadora Alaya and me. oct-5

On the park side, there are posters for a gallery, exhibition, a reading room and a cocktail and conversation group. There’s also a travel poster for the park made by Wheedle.


Saul Goodie has some work on the wall. More of the kind can be found at his Steampunk Cafe in Wyrd.


It was an honor and fun to be spotlighted in the Kultivate Magazine October issue, beginning on page 88. Thanks to John Brianna for making that happen.


The open area near the cafe displays sculpture by Elle Thorkveld and The Twig Oracle by Klaus Bereznyak which I blogged about here.