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Terra D’ombrA is another virtual destination I visit when I want to feel restored with a sense of stability.  It’s actually a store location but it’s a beautiful place to wander around and spend time.


From the land description: “Exquisitely detailed, accurately textured, perfectly accessorised, Terra D’ombrA produces the elegance of Italian design.” The large central building has clothing, mostly formal, for both men and women.


There’s also a section for decorative items. I found the sim when searching for a vine I first saw at Ville de Coeur.


The designer, Maizon Rayon, also has a markeplace store.

I really like the architecture; the buildings are too large for my land but I like to imagine how I’d set some of them up.


The above photo shows some of the wall paintings inside the lighthouse which is a large building in one corner of the sim.


There’s no flying so there’s shots I would have liked to take but couldn’t. These are intended to show some of the beauty of the place.


Many of the buildings, the trees and vines can be purchased.

This sim was a pleasant balance to all else going on in RL and SL during the last few weeks.


Besides being a lovely place to hang out, it looks to be a great place for photographers.