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the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_007Earl Dinkin, prolific artist and writer of quatrains, has an eleventh gallery in Metis, The I Don’t Know Who I Am Gallery. It appears to be the most recent, about three months old.  Anyone who travels the mainland widely and often, has likely seen one of the galleries, all unique but with his recognizable work. the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_001The galleries are usually spacious, running out of land impact availability before room to display art. I’ve never seen Earl Dinkin on my map yet he apparently maintains his spaces well. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to interview him; his Second Life RL bio and his website both state that he doesn’t like to talk. the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_003The land description states that he’ll have about 90 paintings at this location eventually, adding them as he makes them.  This Canadian poet/artist’s work can easily be found online by searching the name Epic Dewfall.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_004A few of the pieces in this gallery are framed and large; much of the art here and in his other galleries are displayed in smaller form as shown two photos above.

I’ve looked at many of them and collected a couple, one for the image and one for the words.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_005Most of the work comes from lucid dreaming. I’ve gathered that the dreams have ceased for quite a while, yet he continues to work.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_006There are what appears to be catalog pages of stamp sized pieces here and in some of the other galleries. At first they look to be numbered by years; the numbers go to 2034. the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_001Art is displayed on trees at this location but they can more easily be seen elsewhere.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_008Many of the galleries, including this one, are near water. I intend to post about more of them in the weeks and months ahead. The white pillars seen above have changing quatrains floating above them.

In the upper right of the above photo is the POST/Skyline Drive – Retro Cantilever House by Van Auster, one of the few times I’ve seen it in use in the places accessible to me. Here, it’s part of the gallery and open to the public.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_010It’s been made into a flat for the ghost of Emily Dickinson to live in.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_011The LM for the gallery, as shared in Mr Dinkin’s profile feed, will have you arriving here in the flat. It’s a pleasant place to sit and do some work, such as blogging.  the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_009