vs-2I’d intended to have a quick look around Venta Silurum and instead found myself lingering, looking at the variety of areas.

“Venta Silurum was a town in the Roman province of Britannia or Britain. Today it consists of remains in the village of Caerwent in South east Wales.”vs-1There were several info boards at the landing, a couple appeared to be links to a store or event; the third was in regard to a photo contest with linden prizes, ending the 30th of September. Signposts offer the group joiner and the guidelines to the sim.

I was encouraged to move along by the boisterous sounds of farm animals.vs-3Given a choice of directions to explore, I went to the beach first and then climbed up to the ruins. I kept the region light setting but lightened the exposure on these photos. There are no teleport helpers to the various areas because the sim creators want avatars to wander on foot. Fortunately flying is allowed which I often find necessary for photography. vs-5After enjoying the ruins, I walked through the cave shown in the first photo here. There are indeed a variety of areas to explore and with the high traffic the sim is experiencing it didn’t feel crowded at all. The guidelines state there are estate managers to assist with any problems and they were in attendance the several times I’ve visited.

Past the traveler caravans I arrived at another area of ruins which looked lovely in this setting. vs-6This is the sort of landscape my physical alt enjoys being in, in her world.

The flying helped again when I got stuck under some rocks attempting to navigate the steps above the statue in the waterfall.vs-7 I found a camping area amidst the remains of an old, downed plane.   

“Venta Silurum, is an open sim created for adventure and photography. We hope you enjoy your time here.”

There is a Flickr group and there may be events held from time to time to help fund any slight alterations to the landscape or adventures the sim creators would like to make.