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MW Fine Art_002During the last three years I’ve repeatedly visited the Michael Wright Fine Art Museum. At first I didn’t keep the landmark; it was near something else I would teleport to before wandering down the road.  It’s on Route 12 in Nautilus, very close to the Odie Petrol Station which I blogged about on the 18th of this month.  You can take a right, leaving each of these places and soon arrive at the other.MW Fine Art_012The land description reads: “A Fine Art Gallery representing the work of digital pioneer Michael Wright.” When I first began visiting here, I knew way less about the mainland and hadn’t developed my interest in galleries and art in Second Life. I hadn’t heard of Michael Wright; I just enjoyed the calming experience of visiting here and felt no pressure to study the work.MW Fine Art_006I liked the architecture. It’s spacious, the ceilings are high, the stairs wide and there are invisiprims on the sides of the stairs and on the landing to keep one from lagging off, which is appreciated when I’m tired and not feeling well.

The building appears to have been created for this museum by Juanita Gemma. The land was claimed May 1, 2007.MW Fine Art_007Most of the works are portraits. None are for sale but there are some 3D sculptures on the roof one can purchase. I used to go up to the roof to watch the sun change back before I had any sort of collection of mainland places.

I look at two or three of the art pieces each time I visit and have only recently began to mention this location to others.MW Fine Art_005There are some avatar portraits included in the museum. On the second floor, clicking on some of the pieces will deliver a notecard with some info about the artist, an artist statement and LMs to about four other locations inworld where his work can be seen, none of which I’ve visited yet. MW Fine Art_011

This is a view from the balcony towards the front of the building. These photos don’t do justice to the calmness and immersion I experience here.  Here is part of the artist statement from the notecard:

” I don’t seek, I find. It’s really a question of perception in the sense that all visual art starts with the eye. A visual Artist spends their life developing their unique visual eye/view of the world. The computer is the perfect post modern tool/medium, allowing one to explore/ create images, that are soft deconstructed information, layered, appropriated, multi dimensional almost as fast as one thinks. The changes in the image over time are represented as artifacts. The most challenging aspect of creating digital images is making sure that the art will transcend the hardware and software. I would like people to respond to the image not how it was created.”MW Fine Art_009On an upper floor are nature scenes, almost all of them seascapes. MW Fine Art_003

Above is a photo of the artist bio on the wall. If you click on it, it will become larger and readable.