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wbap julu_august_014Summer is flying by fast. We changed our monthly turnaround of art to encompass both July and August and there’s about a week left to see the current exhibit.wbap julu_august_010

Shown above are images by Muse Beck, RMarie Beedit (for Mainland Modernists group) and Baker Bloch.

Most of the participants have been invited but we are welcoming to more, whether you are new or are experienced and simply too busy to do more work intensive shows right now.  wbap julu_august_008

Shown above is art by Quinn, SAULGOODIE, Mango Lassi, Elle Thorkveld, Seraphim Placebo and Isadora Alaya.

Here is a vimeo, a little over four minutes, that shows the park during July and August in more detail.

wbap julu_august_007

While we don’t have a theme, we’ve had a philosophical quote each round which can be accessed by clicking on an image. The piece on the left by Klaus Bereznyak holds the quote for July/August.  The travel picture on the right is by Kimika Ying.

wbap julu_august_004

Some of the destination locations no long exist. There are more being created right now; check back soon.wbap julu_august_011There’s a suggestion box on the counter of the cafe next door. Writers and performance artists are welcome too; there are flexible ways to participate here.wbap julu_august_013Several new homes have rezzed in the area near the cafe side in the last month or so, not shown here because I keep my draw distance down.wbap julu_august_001

The poster area has info of events, exhibitions, a cocktails and talk group and galleries.wbap julu_august_002

The cafe side is also exhibiting some sculpture by Elle Thorkveld.

Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Wanderlust Cafe are located in Quentin on the continent of Sansara.