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Dorodo Museum_005The Dorodo Museum on Corsica introduces some real life artists from Japan. There are a variety of artists represented with information for further exploration.Dorodo Museum_004The art can be purchased at a very reasonable price. It is Mod/Transfer and most of it looks great in a virtual world. The pieces I bought had resizer scripts.Dorodo Museum_003There are posters from some of the real life exhibits. Thanks to Zoe Foodiboo for sending me the landmark to this museum.Dorodo Museum_002There is a two part post about the Dorodo Museum on the [Second Life] Information blog – mostly photos – part one here.   The blog is an excellent resource for finding places on all the mainland continents. Small shops are included in with the all the other destinations and there have been several posts each day with lots of photos.Dorodo Museum_001By the way, if you visit the new area next to the museum, to the right of the picture here and to the entrance of the building inworld, you will be teleported home with no warning. 

I tried to click on the land description when I returned so I could take notes on the owner’s profile (one of several strategies I’m using to help discern among all the requests for support and solicitations which have increased dramatically during the last few months) and found I was now banned and couldn’t get the information. This is my first ban in my almost five years in Second Life.