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RS 6There’s a week and a half left to enjoy the 11th annual Raglan Shire Art Walk 2016 if you haven’t already done so. There’s ongoing games, live music, poetry slams, book and story readings, and live performances through June 19,

It’s easy to get around via the colorful teleports as shown on the right of the photo above. There are rides including the hedgeapillar on which a group can view the art together.RS 7Most of the art and photography can be purchased. There’s a wide variety of of mediums as well as SL photography.  This year there are over 150 avatars participating, some of them for the first time. For some, this is the only event they do each year.  RS 8Many of the participants have links to their galleries and bio cards. I’ve collected some new ones of interest to me for checking out later.

This is the first year for the artwalk in the newly- designed tree city.RS 9Not to be missed is the Art-o-matic 3000, located near one of the landing areas. You receive a painting of your profile picture on a canvas set on an easel. The Art-o-matic is set for the size of tinies but we’ve all had moments of looking undignified and you’ll soon stand back to your usual height if you’re a biggie.

RS 2I always enjoy the sculpture areas. RS 4

ToySoldier Thor has some pieces on display.

RS 3

Also by ToySoldier Thor.RS 1There are 3D pieces that you can walk into and watch amazing effects. (The laptop I’m on was too slow in loading the names of many of the creators.)RS 5For avatars wanting to participate next year, the event is very well organized and the organizers are welcoming and helpful.