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gaeta inner ring_002Here are some photos of my visit to part of the inner ring on Gaeta V the last week in May. This will be my only post about the mainland in June, what with other areas I want to attend to.  I started at the Yavascript pod station on foot, taking a right. Pods for this route leave at quarter after and before the hour.

Close by is the cottage shown in the photo above; it looks great from the road.  I kept my draw distance low for this trip, but even so there appears to be less foliage along this road than other inhabited areas in SL. gaeta inner ring_014Usually I refer to any place on the continents as “mainland” but according to this map (from 2009) Sansara is called either “The Mainland” or “The Old Continent”. You can see Gaeta V in the upper right, planned as a group of five island continents sharing versions of the name Gaeta. I showed photos of Gaeta 1 last week in the post just before this. gaeta inner ring_003There are areas of unfinished roadwork.gaeta inner ring_004I looked at a work-in-progress personal Tardis.gaeta inner ring_005I haven’t explored inside Castle Benthem, built in 2008, yet. The land descriptions states that the club is open to the public and the sky ballroom is for group members only.gaeta inner ring_006Cafe Lachman in Nemmers is a communal area for the residents of Nemmers.gaeta inner ring_007I had liked the minimalist look of this area and on closer inspection saw that it is the “Second Life Art Guild”. It’s less than four months old and the doors were locked. On the road nearby, I took another right.gaeta inner ring_008There are the usual shops, lots of gas stations and homes with banlines.  I don’t recall every seeing this much road construction on a continent.gaeta inner ring_012Solved: The Mystery of the location of Bad Coffee #2. I hadn’t been able to recall where I’d seen it when I wrote my post about Bad Coffee #1 and #3 last September. It wasn’t listed in the picks of the owner at all and according to the SLurl, I’m guessing an offer to purchase the place might be welcome.

It does exist, for those who have cast aspersions on either my veracity or my sanity! (Sorry, I’m making time for some Victorian roleplay again.)

The grass is quite short on this part of the island and it’s more sandy.gaeta inner ring_013Further on, the sand has taken over. There’s a lot of land for sale or rent in this area.

I walked and flew to another fork in the road on Route 7 in Goldbach and took a right.gaeta inner ring_016Soon I saw the welcome sight of one of my favorite places, the Best Coffee Shop and Travel Agency.  There’s seating outdoors and in, with an art collection upstairs. Just inside the door is a clickable photo with a frequently changing landmark for travelers. There’s a wandering duck in the pretty garden in back of the building.  I’ve popped into this place many times in the last few months, not realizing it was on Gaeta 5.

Running out of time, I flew more quickly until I ended this trip at another fork in the road in Pucetta.